SPED Piping Design Foundation Drafts White Paper on Workforce Program Formats


The SPED Piping Design Foundation has drafted a White Paper on Workforce Program Formats for pipers. The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) has divided its member services from the outreach to the public at large. The SPED Piping Design Foundation is a non-profit which promotes piping as a profession and facilitates skill development for all. The Foundation can serve as a funding mechanism for these Workforce Programs in both the developed and developing world.

The four programs presented are:

  1. Piper Boot Camp
  2. Entry Level Piping Designer
  3. Piping Designer Transition
  4. Entry Level Piping Engineer

Table 1 summarizes their major application areas.


Table 1 Major application areas of piper workforce formats

 sped foundation table


The Piper Boot Camp is used to prepare for (PPD) Level I certification. Commercial Process Plant Piping software CAD training is used to prepare for the Practitioner Endorsement. Additional content is added to prepare for specialized application areas or for engineering practice with full scope understanding.

The program formats illustrate the value of utilizing prepared content and skills testing to prepare a workforce for productive employment. This approach is effective in both the developed and developing world to upskill, transition and onboard Pipers with various levels of education and experience.

The SPED Piping Design Foundation is seeking input from organizations who might wish to utilize these formats in their workforce development. Funds needed will depend on the format, location, and availability of local support. Local support includes local institutions of higher education, experienced trainers, and local SPED Chapters.



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