December 3, 2021, HOUSTON, TX. The pressing need for quality in piping design is the focus of a new addition to SPED’s Piper Video Series. The additional course, Piping Quality Assurance is considered preparation for Level II of SPED’s Professional Piping Designer (PPD) certification.

SPED is pleased to announce its latest addition to the Piper Video Series, Piping Quality Assurance. The course reviews the latest principles and methods available to check process plant layout and piping designs in today’s digital world. The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED) began an analysis of piping assurance checklists and practices as part of its four level Professional Piping Designer (PPD) Certification Program. Level II, Pipe Assurance, assesses the quality assurance of pipe, plus a working knowledge of selected specialty piping systems. Under the direction of the PPD Advisory Committee and the SPED Board of Directors, contributed checklists and practices were distilled into a set of slides and reviewed by experts. Strong attention was paid to assurance of 3D plant models and their extracted documents and data sets. The general principles and methods found are presented in this course.

Over three years in development, the course is the result of reviewing existing design checklists and input from multiple experts. The result is principles and methods spanning process flow diagrams to mechanical completion and commissioning. Each topic contains examples of checks and typical errors from real projects and the course is an excellent reference for piping checking.

PPD Level II pipers are certified to be able to check their own work. This is highly desirable in today’s distributed, digital model work environment.

SPED only provides training to its individual members or employees of corporate members.

The current topics are:

Part 1 – Major Global Considerations

  • Piping Assurance Course Introduction
  • IFLO-Info Flow to Pipers
  • PROJ-Document Management
  • PROJ-Checker Methods and Notations

Part II – Assurance of process, control and equipment design documents/studies

  • PID-PFD Line List Cross-Check
  • PID-System Grouping Check
  • PID Layout & Functional Checks
  • Equip Data Sheets Vendor Docs Assurance

Part III – Assurance of piping routing documents/studies

  • Layout Check Management
  • General Arrangement Assurance
  • Pipe Model Cross Check
  • Pipe Specification Use and Assurance
  • Pipe Routing and Assurance
  • Piping Fabrication Isometrics Assurance

Part IV – Assurance of Field Work

  • Manual Field Measurement
  • Assuring As-Built Field Scans
  • Pipe Fabrication Assurance
  • Mechanical Completion and Commissioning

Part V – Specialty Piping Systems

  • Flare System Piping
  • Steam and Condensate Piping
  • Utility Stations Piping
  • UGPI-UG Piping in Plants
  • UGPI-UG Components and Routing


Pricing: All SPED Piper Video Series are licensed only to Corporate Members in good standing.


              Through January 31, 2022: Addition to existing video series licensees               US$ 4,500

              After January 31, 2022: Addition to existing video series licensees               US$ 5,000


              Through January 31, 2022:              US$ 13,500

              After January 31, 2022: Addition to existing video series licensees               US$ 15,000

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