Dr. Beazley from Houston is an author of multiple training courses on Piping Design and Engineering, internationally known consultant on task analysis, structured assessment and training. William enjoys applying his diversified experience and knowledge in engineering, management and human resource development to challenging problems in piping engineering and design, project execution and work process improvement.


27 January 2022 - Lunch and Learn Session 1: Piping Assurance in a Digital World

Watch video of webinar at SPED YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y45VzkdKogo

Explore the methods available to check process plant layout and piping designs in today’s digital world. Most designs today represent the process plant as a digital model utilizing data structures tuned to capture the most important characteristics of equipment and pipe. It this form, plant data can be easily and accurately entered, changed, checked, reported, and repurposed.

By recognizing the design of these data structures and supporting software, methods can be developed to quality assure process plant data.

03 February 2022 - Lunch and Learn Session 2: Full Scope Piping Management Using HVECs

Watch video of webinar at SPED YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ox_5wMnb2vc

There is has been a decisive shift toward using High Value Engineering Centers (HVECs) to cut costs of major projects. While most report some projected savings using this approach, there are persistent complaints that the trend is fraught with problems and presents new demands on Piping Managers.
Issues include but are not limited to:

  • Correct Division of Labor in Project SOWs
  • Qualification of Personnel
  • Scheduling and Progress Reality
  • Checking and Mentoring of Distant Staff
  • Cultural Differences in Self-Checking and Responsibility
  • Limited Experience at Site and during Procurement, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning.
  • Cost Realism in Bids
  • Setting the Right Expectations for Higher Management and Clients
  • Supply Chain and Offshoring Reliability and Robustness