SPED Seminar: Information Flow to Pipers
Topic: Information Flow to Pipers
Date: March 20, 2021
The seminar was presented by William G. Beazley, SPED Executive Director representing the Houston Chapter.
A fundamental understanding of the information flow to equipment layout and piping designers is essential to managing and checking the underlying data. This seminar discussed the main data owners and their agendas. It also discussed how that data is used by equipment layout and piping design to create a plant model and generate deliverables. The overall objective of the topic is to enable you to correctly interpret the interests of data owners and the location of most data elements’ data of record for updating.
This topic is normally present in all SPED training courses. It has been rewritten to reflect our work on PPD Level II Course on Piping Data Quality Assurance. The seminar is the first presentation of these new slides and has been recorded for use in all SPED Courses.
You may download the video recording here. It is a 2GB file.