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Covers equipment and fittings necessary for routing pipe from nozzle to rack to nozzle. 

Prepares piping designers or engineers with a minimum of one year of piping design experience for the Level I or II PPD Certification Exam

Detailed PPD Certification level requirements.

TOPICS:  Introduction to Process Plant Design, Design phases & information, Pipe manufacturing and fabrication, Pipe assembly, Typical spool ISOs, Pipe and Weld Materials, Valve types and applications, Self-actuated valves, Valve selection and use, Pump types, Pump layout, Instrumentation, Pipe routing, Pipe racks, Pipe Layout specification, Pipe supports & hangers, Pressure vessels, introduction to Pipe Stress and B31.3, and CAD.


Prepares piping designers, leads and engineers with four to five or more years of experience.for the Level III or IV PPD Certification Exam (see detailed PPD Certification level requirements).

Covers terminology and concepts needed for equipment layout, spacing and orientation within the process plant. Also includes pipe routing to key equipment nozzles considering operations and maintenance.

TOPICS:  Introduction to Process plant design, Design phases and information, General layout considerations, Plant layout specification, Instrumentation, Pump layout, Compressors, Drums, Furnaces, Heat exchangers, Distillation towers, Reactors, Plant structors, Underground piping, Pipe racks, Introdution to Pipe stress and B31.3., Tanks and CAD.

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