The October 2019 SPED request for membership votes on bylaw revisions contained comment fields for members to complete if desired. Below are the comments received and accompanying SPED replies. This page will be updated over the next weeks in cases where a response is not immediately available.


Thank you all for your contributions.




Comment: The part chapter designation numbers of the PBC course are out of order but it's played on the right sequence. Also some pictures on the quiz are not shown. This should be fix


SPED Reply: We are looking into this, thank you for pointing it out.


Comment: Provide a chapter for members from AFRICAN countries so that they are well aware of the missions and visions of the group


SPED Reply: SPED is happy to work with its individual members to start local chapters, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance.


Comment: Many companies in Québec Canada Don't know SPED. We need physical representative person of SPED in Québec (FRENCH SPEAKING) to talk about trainings and certifications.


SPED Reply: SPED is in the process of starting a local chapter in the Montreal area and a current local French and English-speaking SPED member has received our information packet containing details describing how to set in motion a chapter catering to Quebec pipers.


Comment: It would be great to receive a reminder for when my membership will be expiring to help me remember when I need to have it renewed. Thanks.


SPED Reply: For individual memberships, there are automated emails sent advising of a pending expired membership. Were none received by you?


Comment: Make SPED course videos available to members who have already paid for and completed those courses for future referencing, as needed.


SPED Reply: For intellectual property reasons SPED cannot provide open-ended access to the videos. The notes accompanying the course are kept by the student.


Comment: Develop knowledge sharing platform


SPED Reply: We suggest,, for the time being. SPED may in the future implement such a service if budgets and time permits. Until then we admire these other sites and will link to them.


Comment: Creating Marketing materials. Make the certificate as globally recognized as possible. Collaboration with others technical societies. Developing SPED Body of Knowledge.


SPED Reply: These are all existing ongoing efforts.


Comment: It would be helpful to have articles written and regularly distributed describing local market trends in various locations and also describing latest advancements in technology.


SPED Reply: We are working towards this goal. As always, we welcome article submissions from our membership.


Comment: Help new members to get a job after getting their certificate by referring them to some contractors.


SPED Reply: SPED is working on inclusion of a piping job board into the website.


Comment: As I reside in Utah it would be awesome if a Chapter was started for the Northwest region of the Americas. Sharing experiences and jobs within the group would be beneficial for this part of the country.


SPED Reply: SPED is happy to work with its individual members to start local chapters, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance.


Comment: Officers who are paid should be listed and a cap amount $$ they will receive


SPED Reply: The only paid position at SPED is that of Operations Manager, a position that involves a lot of administrative work on a regular basis. All board members and local chapter officials are volunteers. SPED is a Section 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation organized pursuant to the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act.


Comment: Article IV title is repeated Article VI Committee should be Article VII Article VIII Chapter & Section should be Article IX Article IX Rules of Order should be Article X


SPED Reply: Thank you for pointing this out, good catch. The document is being corrected and a revised version will be uploaded in November.


Comment: I have not received the new status, so I am not aware of and do not feel qualified to participate in the survey.


SPED Reply: We are unclear on this comment. A link to the proposed bylaw changes was included in the October mailout requesting votes and suggestions.


Comment: The website needs to be scrapped and completely redone. It currently looks like a high school kid "built" it in the late 90's, only it functions worse. Look at literally any other website on the internet for a better example.


SPED Reply: The website's underlying CMS (Content Management System) is due for a major software update in the coming months. At that time we will start the process of website re-design.