On Sat, Dec 25, 2021


SPED Egypt chapter and ASME Egypt section organized a webinar about “Piping Design Practices in Sulfuric Acid Systems” 
the speaker was Mahmoud Sabry, Mechanical Engineer-SPED member
who is piping subject matter expert – SABIC. 17 years of experience in oil & gas, petrochemicals, and fertilizer fields.

The purpose of this webinar is to increase attendee experience in the piping design of Sulfuric Acid systems.

The following topics were covered:
1. Safety topic for H2SO4
2. Corrosion and Material of construction
3. Threaded & Socket joints
4. Supporting system
5. Heat tracing
6. Insulation / Coating
7. Supporting system
8. Drain and flushing/purging points.
Piping Design Practices in Sulfuric Acid Systems